Inperformat is an Italian Association of Transactional Analysis. The association has more than 70 members, including 3 TSTA , 8 PTSTA , 5 CTA and 10 CTA in training. The association has the main offices in Pisa, Catania, Genova, Spoleto. InPerformat is a not-for-profit Association, neither for indirect profit, and it works exclusively for social benefit purposes. The Association is non-party and it complies with the following principles: not-profit making, democratic nature of the structure, elective of the associative offices in compliance with the principle of gender equality and free social offices.

The Association promotes initiatives of training and information, socio-educational and cultural initiatives, based on the Transactional Analysis principles, his founder Eric Berne and the most recent educational guidelines for the same trend. The Association appreciates and shares the Berne’s philosophical approach that is characterized by a deep confidence in the development of human potentiality, according to a concept that is also at the basis of founding principles of the Association.

The Association’s purposes are elaborating, promoting, realising social solidarity activities, including the fulfillment of socio educational and cultural initiatives, with particular attention to families and minors. The Association’s spirit and approach are based on the respect of the principles of Italian Constitution, that have inspired the Association and they are founded on the full respect of people’s human, cultural and spiritual dimension.


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